Welcome to the SafeGamers Alliance

Here you will find groups that fall in line with the SafeGamers Ideals of
“a safe, fun, positive, supportive gaming environment

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Disclaimer – Individual policies for each community are close but not the same and do not exactly follow the SafeGamers CoC. They were chosen cause they follow a CoC that is close to SafeGamers. The Language they use in chat may be less strict and content may be a more loosely regulated.


Dames of Destiny was formed Sept 10th 2014 around the idea of making a safe, fun, positive gaming environment for all women. We welcome all consoles, ages, and skill levels and would love to see you join our ranks.

Dames love being a part of the larger Destiny community, from raid races to charity streams. If you would like to contact us please send us an email to


We are a cross-community gathering where the intent is to offer a week long, in-depth view of a particular subject from within the Lore of Destiny. This chat begins every Tuesday morning and runs until the following Tuesday - with topics decided by the group via a poll that begins every Friday and ends on the Tuesday morning of the new chat.

Every Friday at around 10pm Central, we get together to stream a recap of the previous week's chat for those who are unable to participate.


We’re a podcast that focuses on the strategies inside of the game of Overwatch. We learn through trial and error in the lab, even if things get a bit crazy and blow up sometimes! We’ll brew up team composition strategies, stir in some tips to play better, and hopefully equip listeners with the instruments they need to gain a strategic edge! Andres Gomez and Rob May garner information and topics each week and spin them in a way that you can grab some advice on how to practice and better perform to be a better player.


Podcast buffs budget players (referred sometimes as limited collection players) with intermediate and advanced discussions to improve your game regardless of how many cards you own. Join discussion facilitator Rob, ever-budget-minded Eve, and deck-tester extraordinaire Andrew as they cover decks, strategies, news, meta shifts, and include guests to help provide you with the tools to buff your game and get better at Hearthstone!